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Privacy Policy

1. Name of company and owner

Bridge Life Ltd. President Masahito Tobita

2. Name of person responsible for managing personal information, title, department and contact information

Person responsible for managing personal information: Issei Shimizu
Telephone: 048-795-7320

3. Purpose of use of personal information obtained through the inquiry form

The Company shall only use the personal information obtained through the Inquiry form within the range of the purpose of use below and will not use the information for unintended purposes.
(1) To respond to the Inquiry

4. Regarding the outsourcing and provision of personal information obtained by the Company to third parties

The Company shall not outsource or provide third parties information regarding individuals without the permission of the individual.

5. Safety management to protect personal information

The Company shall prescribe rules to protect the personal information of individuals, notify, and enforce, as well as educate employees regarding said rules, and periodically audit the status of compliance to the rules.
Additionally, the Company shall make an effort to maintain and improve all necessary safety management measures to protect the personal information of individuals.

6. Procedures for the disclosure, correction and suspension of use

Regarding their personal information in the possession of the Company, if individuals wish to receive notification of purpose of use, disclose, correct, add or delete, suspend use, delete, or suspend provision to a third party, they can do so by using the contact information below.

¡ãBridge Life Ltd. Personal Information Customer Center¡ä
Bridge Life Ltd. Personal Information Customer Center
Person in charge of personal information management

7. If you do not consent

The provision of your personal information is optional. However, please note that the purposes of use set forth in Section 3. may not be achieved if you do not consent to the provision of your personal information.

8. Operation of Our Website

A technology called "Cookie" may be used on our website in order to facilitate the convenience of browsing including circumstances such as when you revisit our website. Cookies record which pages on our website an individual has visited but are not capable of specifying or identifying a specific individual unless the individual concerned enters his or her personal information.

If you do not wish to use cookies, you may disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use the whole or part of our services.

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